Vapor Shield is a chemical hardener, densifier, soluble chloride reducer used over bare concrete prior to cementitious overlay applications. Vapor Shield blocks and reduces vapor emissions through the concrete but leaves concrete breathable. It blocks hydrostatic pressure up to 20 psi. It does not alter the color of concrete, nor does it make the surface slippery or less slippery. Vapor Shield helps to reduce efflorescence on floors. It reduces the green window from 28 days to an average of 5 days. Vapor Shield reduces vapor emissions for application of surface coatings such as poly-urea coatings, epoxy coatings, urethane coatings, as well as carpet, floor tile, sheet vinyl and hardwood flooring materials. In conditions where salt air and humidity attack the concrete, causing oxidation of the reinforcing steel, Vapor Shield has proved to halt such corrosion activity. When Vapor Shield is applied to concrete exposed to such conditions, ex-foliation or expulsion of the chlorides takes place. Vapor Shield reacts with free alkali in the concrete forming a silica hydro-gel that fills the capillaries within the matrix. This hydro-gel waterproofs and seals the surface after all materials harmful to the concrete are removed. This process could take up to thirty days or longer, depending on the chloride and acidic residual concentration within the capillaries.

  • Blocks Efflorescence
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Blocks 20-25 psi of Vapor Pressure
  • Leaves the Concrete Breathable
  • Purges Soluble Chlorides and Prevents Re-Entry
  • Does not alter bonds
  • Reduces “green concrete” window to average of 5 days


  • Underwater Tile Underlayment
  • Underwater Finish


  • Blocks & Reduces Vapor Emissions
  • Purges Soluble Chlorides and Prevents Re-Entry
  • Vapor Shield reduces green concrete window to average of 5 days
  • Fish Friendly / Tested Safe for Fish
  • Seals Concrete
  • Freeze Thaw Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Pond Kote is available in 3 textures: Coarse, Smooth and Extra Smooth
  • Pond Kote is also available in 2 colors: Grey and White

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