Item #BIOPA04

It removes many types or organic stains and combined with Aquadex 50 Stain Off will remove 98% of all types of surface stains. The product is an effective tool for new pool startups, newly filled pools, spring pool startup, seasonal winterizing and ongoing maintenance. Protect All Supreme can also be used on spas, hot tubs and decorative pools.


  • Protect All Supreme is an easy-to-use product that removes problems such as calcium and scale-buildup on pools, spas and decorative pools.
  • The treatment is non-hazardous and produces quick and effective results.
  • Works great with Salt Systems and helps keep the cell free from scale buildup which prolongs the life of the cell.


The initial dose for Protect All Supreme is one quart per 20,000 gallons. The maintenance dose is twelve ounces per 20,000 gallons once a month. The initial dose of the product may reduce chlorine levels. A floater with chlorine tablets can raise the chlorine amount to the appropriate level. The product should remove calcium and scale buildup within 48 hours but a second application may be needed. (Double the initial application when removing heavy scale buildup)

Use 300 Tile Cleaner to spot clean any remaining scale. (This pre-treatment will make any remaining scale come off much quicker)

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