President's Message

Values Define Your Company

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Louie Mozas

For as long as I can remember, the PEP mission statement has been "our mission is your success!" We understand that as a distributor, we cannot succeed without the support of our loyal customers. Over the past months, our marketing team has asked our employees and customers why they choose PEP. After collecting feedback, I was excited to review the answers and elated with the four values that define us as a company.

High Performance- I am proud to be a leader in a company that takes great pride in its performance. Every day our team strives to exceed customer expectations. At PEP, we have a healthy level of competition between both local branches and regions. Our team is motivated to grow and embraces a culture of constant improvement. We are quick to address our own shortcomings and even quicker in executing to overcome them.

High Integrity- Being a high-performance company means nothing unless your business is operating with high integrity. I am proud to lead a company that stands behind the commitments it makes and the values it stands for. This means being not only a trustworthy and reliable partner to our customers but a loyal partner to our valued suppliers.

Customer-centric- At PEP, everything we do is with our customers in mind. Before any action is taken, we ask ourselves how this will impact our customers. We do not take your loyalty for granted and understand that we need to earn your business every day! Our mission statement still holds true.

Special Culture- It has always been clear that the people who make up our team are the difference. As impressive as our people is the unity our team shares. Countless times I have been inspired by the strength and fortitude of our employees. I know that no matter what challenges lie ahead, our team will be ready to not only persevere but thrive together in any environment.

These four values are at the core of every action we take. Ask yourself what values your company stands for. What makes your business special? If you're like us, you feel proud to live your values every day. If there is something you're not proud of, it is never too late to change your position. We all make mistakes in business but how we respond defines the values we stand for.