PEP Tips

Why Not do a Winter Wash?

Now that the hot weather is winding down, there are some pool projects which can be addressed to keep a pool in good shape. Colder months are a great time to acid wash a pool. While winter is ideal, the very early months of Spring are also an option.

An acid wash is a necessary maintenance project even if it only needs to be done every few years. When it is time, you need to sell your customer on the veryvalid reasons they should allow you to drain and wash their pool. You need to explain the benefits and the necessity of an acid wash. So let's discuss some reasons why it might be time to acid wash the pool.

Every five to seven years, pool water becomes laden with too much calcium, conditioner and/or TDS and is then in need of a change. Check the levels of each of these and if any one of them is higher than recommended levels then a full or partial drain is a necessity and an acid wash would be an added benefit.

Removing the water will remove most of the calcium, but some calcium may cling to the walls where it has deposited as scale. An acid wash removes this calcium scale along with any stains present on the plaster surface. The process of acid washing takes a thin layer of plaster off the sides of the pool, so it shouldn't be acid washed with too strong of an aci solution, or too frequently.

Please note that draining a pool is not to be taken lightly; you must be aware of high levels of ground water that may be present from recent rains other sources as these may cause a pool to pop out of the ground. However, with the proper precautions, pools can be drained and acid washed with no issues.

It is recommended that the plaster be sanded after the acid wash to a smooth finish. This will not only make it more comfortable for swimmers next summer but also help fight algae by leaving less little spaces for it to start growing in. Rough plaster is a friend of algae. When a pool is old and severely stained, the only option may be to replaster. You should not hesitate to advise your customer if re-plastering is their best option.

During the pool refill process, you will need to add water treatment products to turn the tap water into balanced pool water. Cooler weather wor in favor of the acid wash, as fewer chemicals are needed to balance the poo Your customer will be happy because their pool will look great and be less prone to problems next summer.

David White
First Choice Product Manager