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Pool owners have identified 3 key features they seek from lighting solutions.

All indicators are pointing to pool lighting as one of the fastest growing categories within the pool equipment and accessories marketplace. The demand for new pool lighting solutions among pool owners is primarily driven by 3 features:

  1. LED technology
  2. Wireless technology
  3. Customization technology

LED Technology

The demand for LED technology is a no brainer. It’s brighter, it’s cheaper and it offers fun color and light show options that traditional lighting solutions simply do not.

The upgrade market continues to grow. Tens of thousands of swimming pools still have old fiber optic lights that were installed back in the 80's and 90's and are just waiting for newer, brighter, more cost and energy efficient lights. Although LED has been around for a while now, previously, it was simply not worth the expense and time it took to upgrade.

Today, there are a number of lighting manufacturers that offer a power tower solution to retrofit existing fiber systems with newer, more cost and energy efficient options. Towers are available with wireless remote control, internal transformers, and the ability to sync to LED lighting products to create ambiance.

It's not all about the savings or the efficiency, or even the instant WOW factor though. Making the switch also gives pool owners high-tech aesthetic and control options old-school lighting just can't match.

Wireless Technology

Advanced lighting controllers that offer a combination of power and wireless lighting control in one simple system are in high demand. Additionally, pool owners desire systems that come with remote control and feature multiple custom colors and light shows.

Customization Technology

Whereas LED technology and wireless power technology are both readily available from most pool and spa lighting manufacturers, there are advanced customization