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Selling Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Are you integrating outdoor lighting with your landscape, hardscape or pool projects? If not, you could be missing out on upsell opportunities that can bring a substantial revenue stream!
Where to Start?

Low-voltage LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems are easier to install than incandescent halogen power hungry lighting systems. LED has become an industry standard for outdoor and indoor lighting applications due to lower power consumption, dimming capabilities, brighter lamps and new chip on board (COB) technologies.
Most manufactures provide training to help aid in installation and sales. From on-site demos, instructional materials, demo kits to expert consultations.

Developing the Sale:
Your customer’s yards can be a magical place once the sun goes down. What’s the key? Landscape lighting! It offers safety and security, but it also adds instant elegance to their home, landscape and hardscapes. Lighting can help illuminate statues, fountains, brickwork and trees in the yard. Adding entertainment and relaxation long after dark.
As a contractor, you should outline multiple benefits to installing or integrating outdoor lighting. Include before and after photos. This helps the client visualize the lighting during the sales consultation.
Some key selling benefits:

  • Pathway/Step lighting serves as an added safety feature when placed near walkways or embedded under the cap of the wall system or steps.
  • Up/Directional to light a tall tree or bush, previously only visible in the daytime, achieves new life with a fixture positioned at its base lighting the canopy overhead.
  • Area/Wash lighting is used as an architectural effect to highlight walls, small shrubs and to create moonlighting and silhouette effects.
  • Security, a well-lit yard means you don’t have to fumble in the darkness when moving in or around your yard. It also makes your home less inviting to potential intruders, since there are no shadows or dark spots to provide cover.
  • Energy-Efficient LED lamps provide years’ of service along with lower power consumption (up to 75%), using smaller transformers and high quality lighting fixtures.

Close the Sale with Night Demos:
Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been doing lighting for a while, setting up a lighting demonstration can be an effective sales tool. After you qualify the client and clarify their wants and needs, go out to the site with 5-10 lights and create your own temporary demonstration system.
Watch your clients eyes open wide once you turn on the system! This is the most impactful and best way to sell lighting jobs! Leave the demo kit there for a few days, and then come back to remove it. After your client has grown used to having it, losing the ambiance can sometimes be the best sales tool.

The Design Process:
Walk the site right before dusk if possible. Select key focal points like; unique trees, tall palms, a group of majestic shrubs. Look at the hardscape to feature stone walls, cap stones, water features and fountains.
These are the main visual features, and the first level of light in the landscape. Once the key focal points are defined, lighting can then be selected for other areas of the landscape, such as pathways leading to the front door, deck areas, porches and driveways.
Also, look for electrical power to mount the transformer and take note of any hardscape, sidewalks and driveways that may need extra attention when running wire. Use Landscape Marking flags and mark each fixture type.

The Pricing:
The basic landscape lighting system with 5 LED up-lights and transformer is around $1500 installed. Up-lights are versatile and can be installed on the ground to cascade light on plants, shrubs and trees for a one light effect.
Pricing can go upwards to $3000 for a 10 light system or more depending on the yard size and areas that need to be covered. You can easily quote approximately $160 to $200 per fixture, including installation and wiring plus $325 for a 150 watt transformer. Always keep in mind of additional cost for conduit, trenching under sidewalks and driveways if needed.

Mastering the selling and installation of outdoor landscape lighting is not all that hard. It opens big business opportunities and additional profits! Presenting and doing night demos are key to selling! Don’t let the big box stores or online retailers beat you out. Knowing the quality of the fixtures and lamps, along with proper installation and direct support from companies like Corona Lighting will always win a customer over!

Shawn Garner
Corona Lighting Factory Representative 
Cell: 909-745-1196