PEP Tech

Something NEW, and Not Sold on the Internet.

As much as manufacturers make efforts to pull products from the internet stores, sadly, homeowners can still find many of those products online and it is costing you sales. At Pool & Electrical Products, we promote the First Choice brand with the promise that you will never see it sold on the internet. That is true for all First Choice products but maybe most important for our First Choice Equipment. Service professionals can quote all First Choice pumps and filters at fair profit because customers cannot find them at a lower price on the internet.

We continuously work on expanding our offerings with the best products that keep the industry protected. Our new 1.4 HP Variable Speed Pump is a perfect example. It is a great counterpart to our 3.0 HP VS Pump and saves the day when you do not need such a large HP pump. It comes packed with the features your customers want and the margin you deserve.

Some of the features that set this pump apart are:

  • Pool Control - easily program various day, time, and speed settings to increase the pump speed and pressure.
  • Patent Pending technology automatically actuates Diverter Valves to run in Pool Filtration, Spill Over and Spa Mode.
  • Motor features totally enclosed construction and a powerful external fan, which protects the motor against dirt and moisture and provides for extremely cool operation of the motor.
  • High performance and super quiet. Provides up to 90% energy savings, and it is Energy Star Approved.
  • Finally yet importantly, this new 1.4 HP VS Pump changes from 230 V to 115 V at the flip of a switch! With no drop in horsepower at either voltage! This means that for those applications without a 230v electrical connection this pump is perfect.

We understand our customers constantly have to battle with online dealers and we want you to know we stand with you 100%. At Pool & Electrical Products, we are proud to offer First Choice and to bring our customers smart energy solutions for the Pool & Spa industry. We will continue to do everything we can to give